Betty Crocker Patin

Operations Manager

Betty was born and raised in this cute little town of Nacogdoches and decided a while ago to make it her forever home! She is a graduate of SFASU and worked at the Steen Library & Westminster Presbyterian Church as their Secretary/Financial Secretary before joining us here at CBH in 2002! Betty is our Operations Manager and has been for 17 wonderful years and we are so lucky to have her as she helps to keep our office running smoothly!In her free time, Betty enjoys reading, photography, baking, traveling, and spending time with her husband, John, her two sons, and her precious 20 month old granddaughter! She also loves writing poetry and has published quite a few! Thank you Betty for all your wonderful work here at CBH and for being there when we need you! You are a wonderful asset to this company!

Phone 936-564-1735